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How to choose a kitchen hood


To get rid of a couple in the kitchen needed a good cooker hood, which removes excess water vapor, oil, heat, and odors. Modern kitchen hoods effectively disperse vapors they emit into the atmosphere or their filtered and recycled back into the kitchen already cleaned air.
Install exhaust under wall cabinets or separately. Installation can be done with theĀ Yankee screwdriver that is rather easy and extremely cheap. All hoods are divided by type and capacity.


The types of cooker hoods

Suspended cooker hoods – Mounted directly over the stove. This type of hood has a certain number of advantages. One of them – this is the price advantage. Features easy installation. To install an overhead hood there is no need to install a complex system of pipes to buy additional equipment and materials. Also suspended hoods have a low noise level. In addition, they contain additional filters for cleaning the air from smoke, soot, grease and odor neutralization.

Built-in cooker hoods – this type of kitchen extractors are installed in the hanging closet, which is located above the stove. Recessed hoods are designed for installation in any of the wall cabinets, or separately, if the size and shape they meet the wall cabinets.

Dome cooker hood – can be “island” type or wall mounted. This type of extracts has a different variety of designs and different materials of manufacture. The housing may be completely full metal and comprise some finishing elements made of glass.